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Samir Shukla


The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in mid-June approved a proposal of the Department of Telecommunications to conduct spectrum auction through which spectrum will be assigned to the successful bidders for providing 5G services to public and enterprises.

Digital connectivity has been an important part of policy initiatives of Government through its flagship programs such as Digital India, Start-up India, Make in India, etc.

Broadband, especially the mobile broadband, has become integral part of the daily lives of the citizens. This received a big boost through the rapid expansion of 4G services across the country since 2015. Eighty crore subscribers have access to broadband today compared to ten crore subscribers in 2014.

Through such policy initiatives, the Government has been able to promote access to mobile banking, online education, telemedicine, e-Ration etc to Antyoday families.

Spectrum is an integral and necessary part of the entire 5G eco-system. The upcoming 5G services have the potential to create new age businesses, generate additional revenue for enterprises and provide employment arising from the deployment of innovative use-cases and technologies.

Over 72 GHz of Spectrum to be auctioned for a period of 20 years

It is expected that the Mid and High band spectrum will be utilized by Telecom Service Providers to roll-out of 5G technology-based services capable of providing speed and capacities which would be about 10 times higher than what is possible through the current 4G services.