Seeking professional Christian groom for 27 year-old girl. Malayalee Syro-Malabar Catholic, 5.2″ tall, slim & beautiful. Electrical Engineer with Masters in Renewable Energy and Power Systems. Born and raised in South Africa, working for UK MNC based in Johannesburg. She will be visiting Charlotte in January. Can re-locate after marriage. Contact [email protected]

Looking for Bride for Los Angeles based, India born intellectual, human rights activist, vegetarian, YouTuber, and writer. Secular so religion is not an issue. Leg a little weak due auto accident. Prefer a slim, fair lady around 60. No fun being alone! Contact [email protected].

Hindu Punjabi Khatri parents seek a match for daughter. 31 year-old, 5ft 4in. Fair, slim, and very pretty. Medical office administrator in Central Florida. Prefer suitors from the southeast. Please respond with full details to [email protected].