Looking for suitable match for well accomplished 40 year-old, Gujarati man. 5'8'', (Divorced, no kids) U.S Citizen in North Carolina. Contact

26-year-old man, 6'1", US-born and raised, Tamil, pursuing his Ph.D. in New York. Looking for like-minded women in NY and surrounding areas. Text 470-239-0059 and refer VR.

38-year-old woman, 5'4", raised in the USA, never married, Eggetarian. She is successful and self-assured and lives in Manhattan. Refer VP and Text 470-239-0059.

Hindu Punjabi family seeks match for very pretty 31 year-old girl. 5'4", slim and fair, US citizen, medical services coordinator in FL. Prefer suitors from the southeast. Contact at or 689-209-5729.

Seeking groom from Telugu family for a 32-year-old woman from a Telugu family. 5'7", raised in India, MS, software engineer, CA. Divorced with a brief marriage. Contact 678-304-8184 (Refer SV)

31-year-old boy seeks bride. 5’10”, India raised & US-Green Card. Software Developer in Charlotte, NC. Belongs to a Gujarati family. Text 704-322-5505 or email

Family seeks physician for 26 year-old single girl, 5'5", Med student in CA. Telugu family, non veg, raised in the US. Refer AG and Text 470-239-0059.
Well accomplished and independent 34 year-old girl, 5'8", born and raised in India, Tamil, pursuing a Ph.D., non-vegetarian. Refer HT and Text 470-239-0059.

Looking for suitable match from very affluent and well-accomplished Gujarati family. 31 year-old Gujarati girl 5'6", born and raised in the USA, Attorney. Refer RK and Text 470-239-0059.

Looking for well settled match for never married, good looking Sikh girl. 40 year-old, 5’3“, US citizen with east-west values enjoying good position in a prestigious company in Wake County. Refer GKS 919-840-8390.

Seeking established US citizen, well-educated & handsome man for companionship with mid-40-year-old woman. Divorcee (Child is in college), 5'3", well established US citizen in Charlotte, NC  area. Refer SS & email:

40 year-old gentleman, 5'3", never married, MS, Deputy Chief Engineer in Dallas, TX. He has been living in the USA for 22 years. Looking for someone in Texas or on the East Coast. Refer SR and Text 678-304-8184.

Seeking good-looking, fit groom for 37-year-old woman from a Gujarati family, 5'3", raised in India, and a nutritionist in FL. Contact 678-304-8184 (Refer DP).

37 year-old woman, 4'10", vegetarian, Tamil, never married, MS in computer science, GC holder, software engineer manager in Nevada. Looking for South Indian partners. Refer NN and Text 678-304-8184.

29 year-old girl, 5'8" tall, Tamil, vegan, born and raised in the USA. She is currently doing her residency in Seattle. Refer MR and Text 470-239-0059.

Seeking vegetarian, tall, good-looking, fit groom raised in the USA for a 30-year-old girl. 5'9", born and raised in the USA. Vegetarian, MS, Occupational Therapist, and lives in CA. Contact 678-304-8184 (Refer PR)

41 year-old woman, 5'2". In the USA for 20 years. She has a double master's and works as a Sr Manager in Chicago. Refer MS and Text 678-304-8184.