Bring the family and friends for this once in a lifetime utsavam and accept the Lord’s blessings.

The event will feature live kirtans, cultural programs, boat festival, feast, dahi handi and a grand abhishek. 

The event will include a flag parade followed by various cultural programs.


By Taige Shukla
Classic methi thepla is a staple in most Gujarati households and super easy to make on your own and adjust the spice levels.
By Jennifer Allen
Some Sci-Fi stories are meant as cautionary tales set within one of many possible futures as to avoid bad circumstances coming to fruition in real life.
By Rishi P. Oza
As 2022 barrels forward and the pandemic seeming to take a temporary backseat to other pressing issues, economic anxiety has risen to the forefront of concerns for the nation’s citizens.
By Dilip Barman
The 89th season of the American Dance Festival recently concluded its main run with a number of impactful performances at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh.
By Ketu Desai
While it is not difficult to be negative, it is also important to keep in mind that market rallies can happen quickly.
By Samir Shukla
The work of the sober middle, the quiet majority, of both India and United States, can lead to a quieter night and a better tomorrow.
As we all prepare for the temperatures to gradually cool down, take a peek at what your sign has planned for you in August!

Election 2022

During the Election in November, 34 Senate seats are up for election in several states across the country.


Neil Makhija mentioned, "It’s no secret that communities of color have been severely underrepresented within our judicial system, but a new wave of tenacious and driven leaders is making remarkable progress in our pursuit of proper representation."

Blumenthal Performing Arts is looking for submissions for the Project, a series of public artwork that will be a parade of surprise and delight along Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte.

Blumenthal Performing Arts, Queen City Comedy, and The Comedy Zone will host this 3-week festival highlighting several dozen local and national acts from a wide variety of genres.

The festivities are part of India’s 75 years of Independence and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav being celebrated in the US.


Honest Trailers tackles the Tollywood film RRR as many viewers' first exposure to South Asian Cinema.




Analyzing those data footprints can help governments make our lives safer and our cities greener, but it can also give rise to surveillance on an unprecedented scale.