Read Watch Listen - 2020

Read Watch Listen - 2020

Book Review: Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles

Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles
Boldly Claiming the Facets of an Extraordinary Life
Author: Nesha Pai
(Spark Publications)

Indian-American Nesha Pai has penned a biographical journey of her life interwoven with tales of struggles and triumphs that so many first generation Indian immigrants and their children face. She writes of her struggles with identity and self, racism, her first marriage and divorce, and eventually emerging as an entrepreneur and going into business for herself. The book is written in engaging personal accounts where each chapter ends with several points of reflections for the readers to think about. She writes of her cultural heritage, how trips to India informed her early identity, and eventually finding love and converting to Christianity from Hinduism. Her belief in God guiding her life is a strong undercurrent throughout the book. She explores these deeply personal issues with an open mind. During her journey she became an independent entrepreneur and began her own firm. She currently runs her own CPA firm in Charlotte. For more information, visit


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