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Samir Shukla


Introduction to Jain Philosophy
Author: Parveen Jain
(D.K. Printworld)

Parveen Jain, PhD, is a leader in the Jain and Hindu communities in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout the US. He has penned the book Introduction to Jain Philosophy, an easy to apprehend book covering the wisdom and philosophy of one of the world’s oldest religious traditions. An Introduction to Jain Philosophy is geared to Western readers to understand this spiritual philosophy. Although in practice for millennia and having been extremely influential in the development of Indian thought and culture, the Jain tradition has remained relatively unknown outside of India. This book further brings Jainism’s influence to light. Drawing on collection of writings and discourses by the Jain monk Acarya Sushil Kumar and on his own self-studies as a lifelong practitioner, the author unwraps the fundamental tenets of Jain philosophy for both academic and non-academic audiences. He writes of its relevance to today’s political conflicts and search for meaning and purpose. The book presents the timeless teachings of what Jain thinkers have to say about the universal issues of the human condition — and how readers might understand and enhance their relationship with other living beings as an effective spiritual journey. For more information, visit


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