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In Bangladesh, the country with the highest population density as well as the highest rate of corruption, the daily struggle to survive is fought everywhere, including the streets. Nowhere do people drive as recklessly as here. Survival of the fearless drivers. Kinda like driving on one of those bumper car rides at county fairs. If you need space, you ram your way through.

The police only come to accidents if there’s a fatality. The biggest bottleneck is the historic old town of Dhaka. Historical Dhaka is a universe all its own. A world of bazaars: jewelers, sweets, tailors, fruits, and vegetables. The warehouses are located at the port and the hotspot for deliveries is at the port. Near the Buriganga River, which, unfortunately, is rather smelly i.e. a stinking cesspool.

Picking up the goods: via Nawabpur Road. By Bus or by Rickshaw. The traffic in Dhaka is just everyday madness and mayhem.

Free Documentary accompanies a rickshaw, a bus, and a truck along with the respective drivers on their daily dangerous drives through the streets and what it’s like to survive in chaos.