Samir Shukla


By Samir Shukla

Vandana Vishwas
Kabeera – The Thinker
(Musitects Studios)

Canadian singer and vocalist Vandana Vishwas has once again released a lovely new recording, paying tribute to songs and poetry by Indian saint-poet and mystic Kabeer Das.

The recording, Kabeera – The Thinker, includes the previously released single “Mann Lago” along with other compositions sung with her expansive vocals and flowing music wrapped around Kabeer’s poetry. She is a classically trained Sangeet Visharad (equivalent to Bachelor of Music in Indian Classical Music) and a former All India Radio artist.

Vishwas specializes in what is called Sugam Sangeet, an Indian music genre that channels folk, bhajans (spirituals), classical geet (songs) and other musical styles. It is emotive and gentle music.

Her vocal style makes the words come alive, accompanied by light pop, folk, and Indian musical styles, along with a haunting spirituality reminiscent of kirtans or bhajans. Poetry can bloom introspection, longing, or celebration of life, especially when sung so effortlessly and accompanied by mood music. This album evokes those feelings and more.

Several songs, “Mann Mast Hua,” “Rehna Nahi” and “Tadpe Bin Balam” could also easily fit into a romantic Bollywood film.

Vishwas also interpreted words and poetry of the legendary Krishna devotee Meera Bai in her debut album Meera – The Lover, released in 2009. Her other recordings include Monologues (2013) and Parallels (2016). She is a former architect and now has turned her efforts to full-time music.

Grab a cup of hot chai and listen to Kabeera – The Thinker for some mystical meditation.

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