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Hum Sub is dedicated to sharing the social and cultural traditions of India with the residents of the North Carolina Triangle area and beyond..
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Past Event

Hum Sub Diwali – October 8. 2022, Cary, NC

Photos by John Tal and ABFotos

It’s just past 11am on a Saturday morning and the grounds of the Koka Booth Amphitheater are already filling up with enthusiastic crowds to attend the Triangle’s premier Indian community event, Hum Sub Diwali! By the time the programs wind up with a spectacular fireworks display, a good eight hours later, a whopping 15,000 plus would have passed through the gates of the event venue in Cary.

In an almost cathartic celebration, after two years of Covid-imposed restrictions, the Diwali crowd could not wait to get its hands on shopping bargains or grab a tantalizing bite, before settling down on the grass to soak up the warm, toasty autumnal sun and the non-stop entertainment unfolding on stage. As group after group of community children and youth made their way to the stage to claim their spot under the sun in their colorful costumes, Hum Sub volunteers watched, a tad amused, as anxious parents fussed over that little dab of extra lipstick or a straighter turban on their child’s head. Nothing less than “perfect” would do! And what a show the children put up! Their groovy dance moves betrayed not a trace of the hours of practice that had gone into perfecting them.  Meanwhile, at the exhibition booth, a picture account of the fascinating story of 75 years of Indian Independence shared space with the tastefully done displays of how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India and the world.

As the evening drew closer, the excitement on stage intensified. Deepotsav – A New Chapter Unfolds had many first to its credit. The ever-popular celebrity dance segment was an extended version with the mayors and town officials of Apex and Morrisville shaking a leg with their counterparts from Cary. The picture of the “golden boots” of the Apex mayor, dancing his heart out, is an image that will live long in the Hum Sub archives! That Hum Sub Diwali speaks to folks of all ages was evident from the packed seating area for seniors who were able to avail of the free, day-long seating offered for the very first time by Hum Sub. What a treat it was to see other spirited seniors from the community perform on stage to a peppy yesteryear Bollywood number.

With the organizational commitment to lay a strong foundation for our youth in community service, Deepotsav 2022 saw our Youth Ambassadors engage actively with other youth volunteers to keep the packed program on track. From shouts of “orange on top”, to ensure the Indian tricolor was placed the correct way on the mini flag poles for the crowds to wave, to “Disco divas” or “Bhangra boys”, to shepherd the performing groups to the holding area near the stage, they worked in sync with the Hum
Sub board all the way. The high octane performance of the university groups just set the right tone come 6:30, when the grounds were spilling with enthusiastic crowds waiting to welcome our special guests for the evening.  Shivangi Bhayana and Sandeep Batraa regaled audiences with their charismatic stage presence and energetic singing of old and new Bollywood numbers. Many in the audience could be seen dancing to their favorite songs.  If in every way Hum Sub Diwali 2022 was more of the same but bigger and better, nothing epitomized this more than the breathtaking fireworks display, a real treat for the young and young-at-heart.

Talk of Deepotsav 2022 would be incomplete without mention of the Hum Sub Youth Achievement Award, which attracted a record 56 applications and gave us all an opportunity to celebrate the many astonishing achievements of our youth. They made the task of choosing the winners was so difficult that Hum Sub ended up expanding the pool of winners to six from the planned four. Last, but not the least, the firm support of our many sponsors gives us at Hum Sub much encouragement to continue our efforts to help build communities, a sentiment we greatly cherish and have embedded in our new logo. The ceremonial procession for our VIPs, another first, complete with bells and drums, is the way we say “thank you” back in India. And so it was in Cary, North Carolina.