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Germany is infamous for its bureaucracy – yet it remains a popular destination for many skilled workers. But it isn’t just a good job in the IT sector that can make a strange land home – Amit Kamlapure and his wife Yogita find that it takes a village. A community of close friends, familiar foods, traditions, and festival celebrations with a flavor of their home country of India. Flights to the Indian city of Pune, their home town, are expensive – its not a trip the young couple, that moved to Berlin in June 2022, can make often.

DW follows Amit in his quest to make Berlin home – setting up his house, commemorating rituals he grew up with in Pune, preparing meals with his wife that remind him of India, and celebrating major festivals like Diwali, the festival of lights, with other Indian Berliners, a growing and thriving community. There are new joys in Berlin too – the couple has grown closer through setting up an independent house for the first time, they are learning the language to make Germany their own as well, and they are adapting to a slower, more thoughtful pace of life that they enjoy much more. DW then visits Amit just before his first trip home – and hear why such a long time away has not been as hard as he expected, after all, in his new home city.