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Samir Shukla


A postcard from Mumbai, where there’s poetry in getting from A to B

But every mode of transport has its place upon the road
so you must become acquainted with the Bombay highway code …

Every city’s streets have their own modes of transport, rhythms and rules – written and unwritten. Nowhere is this more conspicuous than in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), where a population of some 20 million moves by foot, bike, rickshaw, train and all forms of motor vehicle across crowded and lightly regulated streets. In The Bombay Highway Code, the London-based filmmaker David Baksh pays tribute to Mumbai’s history and vitality in words and images bound to arouse wanderlust. Baksh’s own poem accompanies vivid cinematography unspooling to original music by James Fortune, all of which reads as a love letter to Mumbai, and the many forms of communication that make navigating its streets possible.

Director: David Baksh