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This short film captures Sunny Jain’s “homecoming” where he visited his ancestor’s hometown of Sialkot (Pakistan), and toured with his musical group, Wild Wild East (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings).

Sunny Jain is a composer, drummer, dhol player and thought leader from Brooklyn New York, His family hails from a small town of pre-partition India, which is now Sialkot, one of the major industrial cities of Pakistan. Jain is the first in his family to visit, 75 years after his ancestors were displaced during the independence and partition of the South Asian Subcontinent. It was one of the largest mass migration of people in history, after British colonization devastated the region. Sunny Jain’s Wild Wild East conducted workshops thru the US Embassy in Islamabad, performed at FACE Music Mela 2022, Lahore Jazz Festival, National Library of Pakistan, Sialkot University, Iqra University and collaborated with master Sufi dhol drummers Nasir Sain Wajdani, Sain Tanveer and singers, Bakshi Brothers.