Spices of Liberty Film 2016

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Special Red Carpet Screening of Spices of Liberty took place on Friday, October 21, 2016 at AMC Park Place 16 in Morrisville.

Spices of Liberty Opening October, 28, 2016
by Divakar Shukla, September 15, 2016

First time director and full-time IT professional in NC, Gowri Goli was inspired to make a movie because of his love for “cinema and camera." From that love comes Spices of Liberty, a story of young lovers who gain wisdom through their parents which is in turn acquired from their elders via Scriptures. The lovers then use this embedded wisdom in every phase of their lives including how they find each other. In the end, they both find the core principles of life (Equality and Freedom) are exactly same in both India and America. The process has taken several years from conception to completion. All the filming was done in North Carolina from the Triangle area to the Outerbanks and to the mountains including Mt. Soma. Spices of Liberty stars Suhasini, Ajay Kumar, Prakash Patil & Jayalalitha along with many first time and veteran NC actors and opens nationwide in the top 25 markets on October 28, 2016.

North Carolina's Gowri Goli's Directorial Debut
by Divakar Shukla, March 24, 2016

Principle shooting and editing have been completed for Spices Of Liberty - This is our story in America. First time director and full time IT professional in NC, Gowri Goli was inspired to make the movie because of his love for “Cinema and camera." The process has taken several years from conception to completion. All the filming was done in North Carolina in the Triangle area, to the Outerbanks and the mountains including Mt. Soma. The heroine is Suhasini Reballa. She is a TV Serial actress and has appeared in more then 25 movies. The male lead is Ajay Kathurvar and the film also stars veteran actress Jayalalitha from Tollywood and Chandu along with many first time and veteran NC actors. The release date has not yet been set. The producers are canvassing Film Festivals around the country and looking for a distribution deal in the US, India and worldwide.

Director, Gowri Goli's Interview with Divakar Shukla of Saathee Magazine, March 24, 2016

S: You're an IT Guy, so what inspired you to make a movie? Most people would do a short film when they do their first project. Why full length?

GG: I have seen life and realized that after basic necessities our 'pain/suffering' multiplies. Internal quest multiplied. Constantly asking questions. Then thanks to this land of Opportunities [it] made me to realize that I love Cinema and Camera. People started asking me how can you spend hours in video/photography, I never get tired of doing those. I understood the meaning of a 'Passion'. 'Circumstances' gave me an opportunity to work with like minded people and was part of dozen short films mostly as a 'Cinematographer'.

When our ideas started crystallizing in my initial meeting I pulled together the same key team members (who worked on those dozen short films) and proposed. They for their own reasons did not join the project but I got new team who were so encouraging and suggested that I should become a director myself.

S: How did you go about putting together the script? What is the theme of the movie.

GG: [I] gathered few like minded people, and started brain storming on the story. On the day one of initial script meeting what we had was high level idea of what we want. Probably 5 bullet points. We collectively expanded, revised multiple times. Even after finishing the script, we have shared the script to totally new set of people from High School Students to people of various ethnic background and incorporated their suggestions and revised multiple times.

Theme of the movie is a love story with an underlying message to show that emotional pain or happiness is solely based on persons individual mind and thoughts, but are not a result of external forces or not because of people who think we 'love'.

While narrating this story we have also touched on United States Philosophy on equality between men and women, the love for 'freedom' in America.

S:. How did you put together the cast and crew? Who are the main stars and how did you book them?

GG: From the day one we are very clear of [our] Leading Characters. We know it is difficult for us to extract acting and emotions from new actors as we are new first time film makers. [Our] heroine is Suhasini Reballa she is a daily TV Serial actor and acted in more then 25 movies. She was actually only choice and I never thought of any one else for that role. She even though being in the Industry for long, always trusted in my ability and agreed to act in our movie probably 5 years ago.

[Our] leading male actor is Ajay Kathurvar, he has acted in 3 movies and he was perfect match for the role. Our vision for [the] Hero was handsome, athletic and good looking. Most of the ladies in our town have become instant fans for him when he was with us.

We also have Jayalalitha, a senior actress from Tollywood and Chandu [an] extra ordinary talented actor who has unique skill of various classical dances and acts like a female artist. No one will be able to figure out that it is a male [who acts like a] female.

Apart from them we have 50 actors in the movie, most of them came for auditions in response to our advertisement via various channels including Facebook and our mailing list.

S: Why shoot in North Carolina?

GG: [North Carolina] is our mother land in USA. That is the first reason and we know NC has beautiful landscape and first place of Modern Aviation. Write Brothers invented the flight which is the most proud moment for the modern life. We have shown Kitti Hawk, Wilmington Beach, Somesvara Temple in Mount Soma apart from Triangle Area.

S: Shooting and editing have been completed. When do you anticipate release of the film? Will you screen it locally? Have you found distribution?

GG: We plan to release the movie as soon as possible. We are keeping the large network of distributors informed of developments. We have applied to few film festivals and will meet some of the key people in distribution industry in those festivals. We have plan B, C and D also. If things are favorable we will release by August 2016.

S: What other info do you think people should know about the film?

In this movie we are showing that 'Circumstances' are the doers and no one is capable of doing anything individually. In addition we have also shown in the movie that 'Deep inner intent' creates Circumstances. While filming we as a team reiterating these thoughts and we all come to a conclusion because of the deep inner intent of all team member we were on track and the entire film is done 'In Time, In Budget'. This is a miracle itself for first time movie makers.


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Spices of Liberty Movie Trailer

Spices of Liberty Movie Trailer