Subcontinental Divide - 2021

More Things Change, More They Stay the Same

By Ahsen Jillani

Last month I wrote about what might happen. It happened. The goons invaded the US Capitol, desecrated Congressional offices, and ran off with Nancy Pelosi's podium. The coup was successful for the most part; then the liberals impeached the president, and then the Big Tech machinery finally fired up and started isolating Donald Trump under this new law called “Political Correctness." I'm writing this days before Joe Biden takes office with thousands of Americans dying daily, an economy in shambles, and a country that left-wing pundits are saying was divided by Trump.

I've written almost 50 columns since Trump was elected and have discussed all aspects of the toxic message that he brought to the surface in our society. But sadly, it took a riot just a couple of weeks before his departure that finally and violently put the cherry on top of the bitter cake of racism. These rioters (seditionists?) were really us. These were off-duty cops, firefighters, veterans, millionaire business people who flew in on Lear jets, and average Joes we work with every day.

What happened then was not about this man whose daddy got arrested during a KKK riot in New York in 1927. Or the man documented to not rent to colored people. Or the man who spent eight years trying to prove Obama was born in Kenya. What really happened is that a battlefield studded with hyper-information, Big Tech created an almost perfect general for the racists in America to regain control of their own miserable lives. How appropriate and all-American to have an obese, junk food eating, reality-show guy who is all about cheating on taxes, on wives, on bank loans, to awaken those that dream about making America white again.

Yes, the rioters were our neighbors. And I maintain my assertion from months ago that Trump is still the most powerful politician in America. Almost 48 percent of voters pushed that Trump button – and you think about it and tell me why. He got a lot more votes this election cycle than in 2016, which means that without the liberal machinery of activist celebrities, tech moguls, SuperPAC's, and of course, those registering colored voters, he would have swept this election. Indeed, the state-level races were a slaughter for Democrats, proving that new voters still favored conservatives at local levels despite the referendum on Trump.

But, truthfully, we do need to thank Trump for his legacy. He left like the man-child he is, not even shaking hands with his successor, leaving us with the lucid revelation that half our neighbors (and many of our family members) are on a totally different ship. He left us with Franklin Graham once again comparing the GOP “yes" votes during House impeachment to the betrayal of Jesus. He left us with evangelicals who helped elect him, but whose leader Jerry Falwell, Jr has a sex scandal about at par with Trump himself.

So, here it is, a man who his niece claims paid someone to take his SAT exams, and who his ex-federal judge sister claims did his college homework. He is revered at around the same level as Jesus by nearly half of America. The man who was allegedly having sex with a porn star while his new wife and infant son were at home waiting. Someone explain all this to me. Or just look in the mirror and say, “Geez, I'm colored. Maybe something is wrong with me."

Yeah, we are starting a new era now with a competent Covid-19 policy, some qualified people, and an inclusive world view. Yes, we will fight hard to rebuild the lost prestige internationally. Yes, we will attempt to rebuild bridges burned in nuclear and environmental treaties. Yes, unfortunately, we might start bombing countries again because Trump really didn't want to bomb anyone in a reality show presidency. Yes, something else will happen...

Which bring us to the alternate agenda: Democrats know that Trump is a formidable god-like entity, and it would be great to ban him from public office for life during a Senate trial. They need to keep the pressure on to squeeze the GOP vote with scary interviews and scenes of violence. Social media – well, well, Musk wants to squash Zuckerberg and Bezos is shutting down Parler, and Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in America now. Who gives a darn anymore? We need to boycott the whole lot of them and the world will be a better place. I switched to the messaging App Signal, and then, well, same raunchy pics and dirty jokes from cousins are coming in triple encrypted and open source this time. What changed?

We can walk that fine line shutting Trump accounts, or disabling Parler's servers, but in the end, this has become a battle between the American Experiment, info overload, brutal data gathering, and just plain old obscene capitalism that made the Europeans spread around this planet like a pandemic - stealing, enslaving, and gutting good-natured colored people who welcomed them to their shores.

Businesses now seem to be, well, businesses, and a gay slur, a hint of sexism or racism, an actor slapping a butt, an old man winking at you – all that costs you dollars. That's our new religion now. Walk the walk. Don't be Trump. That's the other end. Has anything really changed? Talk to your neighbors. And... Antifa caused the Capitol riots... right after they stole the election.

Opinions reflected are of the writer and not necessarily of Saathee magazine.


Ahsen Jillani a former editor and publisher, is originally from Islamabad, Pakistan, and now lives in Mint Hill. He owns Must Media, a PR company focusing on both political and corporate clients.