My Voice - 2019

Manifesting the Power of Abundance

By Kalgi Trivedi

Everything you want is coming! Just relax, trust that it is coming, show gratitude and let it manifest into a beautiful reality that you visualized for yourself.

Many of you must have heard about the universal laws of nature, the laws on which this universe operates. These laws operate with absolute precision, they never err and they apply to everyone, irrespective of nationality, gender, age or social status. Contrary to majority beliefs, these laws are not just based on speculation or theory.

Today, science has gathered numerous evidences to decode the natural laws and connect it to modern physics making it physiologically easy for even a left brained person to digest these laws.

One of the most fascinating laws that have been studied over and over again, and that have been exhibited in various books and documentaries, is the “Law of Attraction." Many great men and women who have walked an influential path in this world have shown that the law of attraction is one of the greatest powers on the earth. This is the law that operates consistently, effortlessly and flawlessly. Simply put, the law of attraction states that you become what you think of yourself; you receive what you want for yourself and what you feel now is what you are going to attract for yourself.

I personally had numerous experiences with this law in my life. Sometimes when events happen in your life, you cannot trace it back to the spot or feeling from where it actually immerged in the first place. With the passage to time, however, everything falls in place and you can connect the dots.

My husband and I lived in New Jersey for many years. Many times, we contemplated if we should buy a house, rather than paying so much money in rent. The thought of buying an overpriced old house always put us off.

When we first moved to the United States, the first house we went to was my uncle's house. That house somehow made an impact in my mind. Ever since then, whenever we thought about buying a house, I always wanted a house like that and it laid a deep footprint on my subconscious mind.

Almost 13 years after I first saw that house, it was time to buy our own house when we relocated to Charlotte from New Jersey. By then our lives had changed and so did our priorities. We mainly had two major criteria we were looking for in the new house.

One that the house should be close to our parents' house and second that it should be in a good school district.

Our area of search was quite narrow based on these requirements. At this point, the memories of my dream house had completely faded.

After seeing many houses, we really liked a model home in a beautiful neighborhood. We decided to build a house just like the model on a vacant land. We paid the deposits and soon the construction started.

One night we were just sitting back and thinking about our new house. Excited about the whole process, we were discussing the kind of carpet we would pick, what color would be the granite etc.… and just like a light bolt something struck me! The house we were building was the exact same replica of the house I had always dreamed about! I was ecstatic… how could this possibly be?

We were building a house just like the model home with some additional variations that we had picked from the builder's floor plans, but the model was definitely not the same as my dream house... So, what had happened and what did I miss?

We realized that the layout of the sample house was completely opposite to the layout of my dream house. For example, when you enter the house, the kitchen in the sample house was on the left but the kitchen of my dream house was on the right. The living room of the sample house did not have a double ceiling but the house of my dream had a double ceiling.

The master bathroom was quite small in the model house, compared to what I had in my dream house. Since I'm a very visual person, I could not visualize the layout of the house we were building from the floorplan we had selected. But that night everything came clear as crystal. We had subconsciously picked an exact floor plan in complete alignment to the house I had always imagined.

The law of attraction was always working and all these years it had worked while we were waiting to buy our own house! This is just one of the many examples of how the law of attraction worked for me.

I have had numerous experiences with this super accurate and fun law in my life. Everything you want is coming to you if – 1) you specifically know the exact thing that you want; 2) you have a burning desire for its achievement; 3) you really believe that you will get what you want (without any doubts or second thoughts) and you feel good about it; and 4) you visualize the whole process numerous times and act when an inspired thought comes in.

If you have been intrigued by the law of attraction, I hope you take this read as a nudge from the universe and start acting to change your lives.

Just let go of the controls and allow things to happen as they were intended to happen. Doors will open, opportunities will fall into your lap and the whole universe will synchronize to bring over anything and everything that you really want.


Kalgi is a Certified Public Accountant and a partner of Shah & Trivedi CPA. She is also an active social worker providing charitable services to various organizations. Contact: