Way Back Home | A Himalayan Travelogue - Episode 1

TheVibe presents Way Back Home | A Himalayan Travelogue, the first-of-its-kind travelogue on India as it trails young, authentic, passionate travelers embarking on a road to self-discovery. This is episode 1 of a 13-part series.

In Season 1, protagonist Rohan Thakur, aka Ronnie, a young Himachali lad embarks on an introspective journey of self-discovery across the seven valleys of the Lower Himalayan ranges. With a mission to travel, not tour, Ronnie takes the audience along with him on an unforgettable journey in true, authentic style.

Covering an entire diaspora of activities steeped in travel, adventure, music, lifestyle, people and fun, the Way Back Home series is crafted in rich, unscripted cinematic style with soulfully tailor-made background scores that capture the essence of life and diversity of Indian terrains.

Produced By: Shoelace Films

Filmed & Edited By Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani

Producer: Georgy Abrao
Executive Producer: Asad Abid
Associate Producer: Anushka Sani
Music: Rohan Thakur