Surya Namaskar Yagna 2022

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) will launch the 15th annual "Surya Namaskar Yagna (SNY)", a Health for Humanity Yogathon campaign. The 16-day event aims to create awareness about Yoga and its advantages in achieving a healthy body, mind and spirit. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) integrates simple Yoga postures in 10-steps that, along with easy breathing technique, can provide immense health benefits to both the body and the mind.

Each year Hindus worldwide celebrate Makar Sankranti in January – a day that marks the change of season as the sun enters the sign of Capricorn or Makar. Makar Sankranti ushers in longer days; thus, the festivity symbolizes sunshine in life. Surya Namaskar Yagna (SNY) will run from January 15 - 30, 2022.

This program has been conducted by HSS since 2006 to spread the awareness of fitness among people. People spend hundreds of dollars on fitness centers whereas this ancient yoga form enables anyone who does it for 15-20 minutes obtain the same benefits.

Surya Namaskar is a yoga form that gives exercise to the entire body, and you don't need any equipment. All you need to do is learn the correct postures and breathing. This is where HSS plays a big role, reaching out to people and teaching them how to do Sun Salutations and inculcating the habit of fitness using ancient technique of yoga and pass it on to the next generation.

Ever since this program was launched, many organizations, temples, yoga studios, townships have already pledged support to this event. In this age of gadgets, it is very important that kids also get good exercise for their physical and mental growth and Sun Salutations are an easy and simple way to achieve this.

Surya Namaskar is one such habit which can takes little time and effort yet gives all the benefits of good health. The aim is that the entire family especially the parents do this regularly so that the kids learn from them. At the end of this two-week period, certificates are given to kids for participating and to encourage them.

Last year, around 5000+ participants across 43 states participated in this program and did over 1.03 million Surya Namaskars. Additionally, teachers and school children from over 91 schools learned and performed Surya Namaskars.

A total of 173 elected representatives including Mayors, Congressmen, Senators and Governors proclaimed appreciation of these efforts, encouraging their constituents to participate in this important health awareness event.

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