Suresh Iyer Takes the Reins as Ekal USA’s New President

Suresh Iyer's introduction to Ekal was a strange coincidence. In 2002, he was asked by a friend to host its Founder Shyam Gupta in a last-minute change of plans. The conversation between the two turned to Ekal, lasted well into the night, and by morning Iyer had become a donor.

He gradually became more involved as a volunteer, then Chapter President, Chairman of the Board until he assumed the role of President of Ekal Vidyalaya USA.

After brief stints at Air India and Tata Consultancy Services, USA, Iyer started his own company Infospectrum in 2002 based out of Southern California. The company provides tracking software for aerospace maintenance as well as real time tracking of transportation Assets. He is happy his entrepreneurial gamble paid off but clearly says his work with Ekal “brings a different level of satisfaction."

The Ekal movement started in 1989 with one village and one school. Today, there is an Ekal school in 70,000 villages in India offering free schooling, vocational training, digital competence and agricultural education. Iyer makes it a point to visit a school every time he visits India.

Ekal Foundation raised 8 million dollars last year and his goal is to cross 10 million this year. He's also working on putting a system of Donor communication in place and intends to strengthen those Ekal Chapters that need a little boost. Above all, he wants “Ekal's message to be out in the world loudly and clearly."

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