Review: Vandana Vishwas - "Mann Lago"

By Samir Shukla

Singer-songwriter Vandana Vishwas's new single is “Mann Lago," a poem by the 15th century Indian poet and mystic Kabeer Das.

Kabeer Das, popularly known as Sant Kabeer, wrote poems that challenged the religious and social ethos of his era. He practiced “Fakiri" – a vagabond lifestyle based around minimal personal possessions. He lived the Fakir (a monk or seer) lifestyle and inspired India's Bhakti movement.

The opening line of the poem “Mann Laago Yaar Fakiri Mein" says “I am hooked into living as a Fakir." In the poem he writes that his biggest pleasure is in chanting the Almighty's name while forsaking possessions and worldly pleasures.

This poem has been recorded by other artists but Vishwas makes it her own with an original musical composition, her voice weaving through the music and words just at the right moments.

She gives a contemporary edge to “Mann Lago" while retaining a traditional, almost classical charm.

Vishwas says the lyrics are very relevant to the current times of isolation where people can reflect upon the global disturbances caused by the pandemic. The lyrics, which repeat in a chantlike trance, evoke life's higher meanings and simplicity.

This haunting version is composed and presented in the Raga Ahir-Bhairav. There is a cross-cultural musicality to this version that is stitched with Indian, Persian, and Western musical instruments.

The track is available beginning on March 17, 2021 on streaming and video services. Vishwas is an Indian-Canadian singer-songwriter who has released several recordings.

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