PoliMosh: Dancing in the American Political Mosh Pit, Vol. 3

February 23, Nevada Republican Caucuses
Donald Trump won big. He received votes from across the political and social spectrums. The five remaining Republican candidates carry onward.

February 25, Republican Debate
Cruz and Rubio sharpened their knives and went on a full-scale attack against Trump. Ben Carson got in a few words edgewise but essentially proved that he has no chance for a nomination. Ohio Governor John Kasich continued his role as the grownup in the debates. He is counting on upcoming primaries and caucuses to notch a couple wins and maybe reach strong showing in a couple of others. His road to nomination is very slim, if at all possible. His hope is to last until a contested convention. He would make a worthy V.P. running mate, as the Republicans will need Ohio to win in November.

February 27, South Carolina Democratic Primary
Clinton trounced Sanders by nearly 50 points. This could be the beginning of the end of Sanders' campaign. If he can't grab more African-American votes, he is toast.

March 1, Super Tuesday
Trump and Clinton won big. Cruz survived with four wins and Rubio managed one win.

March 3, Mitt Romney Savages Trump
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave about a 20-minute speech in Utah savaging Donald Trump and warning Republicans and Conservatives that if Trump isn't stopped, America could be on the road to decline. Will his analysis help topple Trump? Time will tell. I believe Trump's momentum is too strong for this type of latecomer attempts to build an anti-Trump firewall. Ben Carson announced day earlier that he won't participate in the next debate and is expected to suspend his campaign.

March 3, Republican Debate
Then there were four. The nastiest debate so far touched on manhood, hands, and provoked insults and personal attacks. It's apparent Cruz and Rubio have no choice but to go after Trump's jugular at this point. The primaries and caucuses are approaching fast and furious. If they don't start winning, they will have to pack up and head home.

March 8, More states vote
Trump wins 3 out of 4 states. Clinton and Sanders split two states. The big news of the night, Sanders defeats Clinton in Michigan. It's a setback for Clinton and a huge emotional win for Sanders. His campaign is renewed while his team is now plotting wins in other states. The Democrats' nomination battle will last a little longer. Clinton will still likely win the nomination in the end, but her work is cut out for her. My guess here is in open primary states like Michigan, and later North Carolina, some potential Clinton voters maybe voting Republican against Trump, and therefore giving Clinton smaller numbers. It's a theory, but a sensible one.

March 14, Sanders and Clinton Rallies in Charlotte
Political rallies are, after all, political theater. All the props are there. The setup, music, the folks standing behind the candidate while he or she is rousing supporters. Everything is properly planned for the attendees and TV cameras. Bernie Sander spoke outdoor at PNC Pavilion. It was a lovely spring afternoon as about 5000 people attended the rally. He spoke of grand progressive plans, and is clearly quite genuine in his belief of a political revolution. But he has served in congress and now the Senate, and fully knows with Republicans controlling both, there's no way any of his grand plans will come to fruition. He is inspiring young Americans to get involved in the political process, and that is Sanders' prime contribution. Sanders showcased the differences between his campaign and Clinton's with a few pointed criticisms. Tomorrow's Super Duper Tuesday will reveal if he can keep his momentum going. Hillary Clinton spoke at Grady Cole Center in the evening to a crowd of about 1200 people (I attended both rallies and the numbers are my guestimates, as I have attended numerous events at both venues) It was obviously a calculated, intimate setting where she stood in the middle of the crowd surrounding her on the floor and in the balconies. She had warm moments, a lack of such moments is something critics hound her about, and she delivered her appeal to North Carolina voters without attacking Sanders much. She senses a win in North Carolina. The state is an open primary state, so unaffiliated voters can vote in either primary. I feel, as in Michigan, more than a few Clinton voters will vote for one of the candidates running against Trump, as a stopgap measure. Clinton is about 20 points ahead in the polls against Sanders, but her win will be smaller if some of her potential voters put in an anti-Trump vote for one of the Republicans.

March 15, Mega Tuesday

Simply said, Marco Rubio lost big by losing Florida. Trump ran the field except Ohio, which was won by its current Governor John Kasich. Hillary Clinton essentially won all five primaries, even though Missouri was a tie with Clinton getting a few extra votes. Sanders' work has become harder. He can still eke out enough delegates, but it's not looking good. The general election nears ever so quickly. Rubio drops his bid. Three Republicans and two Democrats keep sparring.