If a Like is So Valuable, Why are They So Cheap?

Directed by Garrett Bradley, the video is shot on location in Dhaka, Bangladesh and takes a low-key yet intensely powerful look inside the world of paid likes. It's important to note that the people shown working in this video are doing nothing illegal. These are humans liking Facebook content, not bots or other types of digital ad fraud.

It's quite a simple process. If you want to make money in this form of digital marketing, you simply join one of the myriad closed groups on Facebook dedicated to building likes for clients. The admin of the group sources the companies who are willing to pay for likes — they go as cheaply as $50 for 1,000 — and alerts the members of the group what content to like and comment.

Article excerpt from freeportpress.com/if-a-like-is-so-valuable-why-are-they-so-cheap/ by David Pilcher