Download Democracy

By Samir Shukla

The apathetic citizen deserves a cold meal of scraps. In any election, voting apathy is, well, inexcusable. There is absentee voting for those that maybe out of town or country. There is early voting in many states for those that are tight on time. Some day we will figure out a way to securely cast votes online.

In the meantime, folks, the old cliché is still relevant: “Every vote counts." Every single vote does count. Think about close results in local and statewide elections. They happen all the time. Think about the Florida recount in 2000 during the presidential battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore. About 700 more votes for Al Gore and we would be living in a different country. It may not necessarily be better or more opportune than what has transpired, but different choices and decisions would have been made. Don't think that if your chosen politician is ahead in the polls you may not need to vote. When the final tally is released, the numbers can differ from the polls. There's only one way to make your voice heard. Cast your vote. Remember, the apathetic nonvoters usually wind up with the scraps. They can complain all they want but have to deal with the economic, political, and social choices made by others via their votes cast. Political polls conducted by organizations may help to boost interest in specific elections, and hey, who doesn't love a good race? But never be influenced by polls into not voting. Polls can vary widely from week to week, especially in a crazy, unpredictable election such as this one. Democracy is a noisy creature, but one worth downloading, to use a popular contemporary term.

There is one more presidential debate on Wed, October 19, if you still need to decide on your choice for president.

The early voting begins on October 20 in North Carolina, leading up to the nationwide election day on Tuesday, November 8. Set apathy aside. Register to vote if you still haven't done so. Elections, especially the ones for local and statewide offices, make a larger difference in your lives than you can imagine. Every single vote matters.