Big Fat Indian Wedding Review

By Jigisha Shah

The India Association of Charlotte, the sponsor of the annual Festival of India, partnered with Charlotte Center City Partners, to bring the first Big Fat Indian Wedding to downtown Charlotte as part of the city wide Charlotte Shout Festival in May, along with the celebration of Charlotte's 250 birthday as well as the upcoming 25th anniversary of the annual Festival of India to be held in October.

This event was a first of its kind in the Queen City, showcasing to the mainstream audience the rich culture and diversity of India through a live wedding ceremony demonstration. It took place in uptown at the cultural epicenter of the city, on the street at Trade & Tryon on May 11, 2019.

It offered a unique and an immersive experience of the glamorous sights and sounds of India. The event took place in a traditional Mandap setting with Baraat (groom's procession with the groom riding a white horse), Doli (bride coming in carried on a Paalki towards the Mandap) and Bidaai (Bride's farewell), along with all the rituals and traditions of a typical Indian wedding. The ceremony was complemented by Indian music and dance performances that included a Bollywood dance workshop, Henna tattoos and more. The visitors got to celebrate by dancing to the beats of Bollywood songs, and dress up in dazzling Indian fashion.