Anand Kamalakar Interview for Holy (un)Holy River at the Charlotte Asian Film Festival

About Holy (un)Holy River:

Holy (un)Holy River follows the world's most revered and reviled rivers, the Ganges River of India. The film's directors, Pete McBride and Jake Norton, followed the river source-to-sea documenting its intense beauty, its spiritual reverence and its struggle to survive, over a period of three years. From its pristine headwaters on the Gangotri Glacier high in the Himalayan mountains to the fetid, dead trickle in the north Indian heartland to its meeting with the sea at the Bay of Bengal, the filmmakers stopped at some of the most iconic places in India.The film documents the challenges the river faces today, as it struggles to be the lifeline to almost half a billion people. While being a spiritual inspiration to a billion Hindus through mythology and religion, and being one of the most troubled and threatened rivers in the world, the film exposes the paradoxes facing a bid to save its waters. The river's story is told through haunting imagery, contemplative scenes, expert interviews, scientific research and a breathtaking journey of some 1,600 miles.

Interviewer : Divakar Shukla
DOP: Digital Room Photography LLC
Editor: Milind Shah