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Join Praveen Gopal Krishnan on a captivating journey through the technological epochs of India, exploring the essence and impact of the S-curve in shaping the nation’s tech destiny. In his enlightening TEDx talk, “India’s Tech Evolution: Navigating the Third Yuga,” Krishnan takes you through the milestones of India’s tech history, delving into the transitions between different yugas (eras) of technological growth. With the precision of a seasoned analyst, he dissects the challenges and breakthroughs that have marked India’s tech landscape, from the advent of information technology to the dawning of the mobile internet age and the speculative horizons of AI and ONDC. Krishnan’s narrative is enriched with insights drawn from his extensive experience and the compelling stories behind India’s move towards the third Yuga. This talk is not just an analysis but a roadmap for understanding the present and anticipating the future of India’s technological prowess.

Praveen Gopal Krishnan has been working for more than five years at The Ken, one of the foremost subscriber based digital publication providing business news.Serving as the Chief Operating Officer, he oversees various aspects of the business, including product, engineering and sales. He’s also the pen (read: the keyboard) behind The Nutgraf, India’s leading paid weekly newsletter, connecting the dots on cause and effect in the business and technology sectors. His lifetime of enquiry went through Electronics Engineering from NIT Trichy and a PGP from IIM Bangalore, along with roles in product management at Myntra, InMobi and journalism at The Economic Times. This is coupled with a stint in a handwriting recognition startup and a theatre company. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.