HumSub (Cary, NC)

PO Box 3081
Cary, NC 27519
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President – Prakash Punj –
Vice President – Latha Pamarthi –
Treasurer – Poonam Gupta –
Secretary – Sachin Joshi –

Hum Sub is a non-profit organization dedicated to share the social and cultural traditions of India with residents of the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Membership and participation is open to all people who are interested in promoting and/or appreciating Indian culture and history. Annual events include Cary Diwali and Bashant Bahar.

Past Event

Cary Diwali - October 14, 2017

All of our senses came to life with this year's edition of Cary Diwali with an apt theme 'Anubhuti – A Sensory Experience'. In its 17th edition of Cary Diwali, Hum Sub team upped the ante to provide a more holistic experience for the audience. The weather gods showered their grace with a beautiful sunny North Carolina day on Saturday October 14 for Cary Diwali. This set the tone for what's to come with extravagant performances, captivating exhibition, enticing food and shopping experience, children's activities and much more during the day.

This year's edition featured mesmerizing performances by local talent. About 1200 performers took the stage during the Cultural programs showcasing various art forms from different parts of India. There were number of 'firsts' in this Cary Diwali that included Morrisville Police Chief Patrice Andrews rocking the stage with her groove for a Bollywood number and children energizing the audience with USA and Indian National Anthem performances. The highlight of cultural programs was the act by special needs children stealing the hearts of the audience with their touching message. They ended their item with thunderous standing ovation by the audience.

The exhibition experience is a key component of Cary Diwali and this year was no exception. Visitors to the exhibition was treated with visuals of Indian food, culture and practices, an impressive array of Indian “Thali" (Food platter) representing food from different parts of India, and cooking demonstrations. There was also workshop on nutrition highlighting importance of Indian Lenthils / grains and Yoga.

Four amazingly talented teen agers were awarded HumSub youth achievement award in Community Service and Education categories by Mayor of Cary Mr. Harold Weinbrecht. The star studded VIP visitors included Congressman David Price, Cary Mayor, Cary and Morrisville Town council members, a special delegation from Irish county Meath (Sister City to Cary) and other State Representatives.

As the Russian popular idiom ' ' (there is no room for an apple to fall), Koka booth amphitheater for at full capacity as the sun went down in anticipation of unique and unparalleled 'Indian Dance Group - Mayuri' from Petrozavodsk, Russia. The 24 member Mayuri team epitomized Indian culture not only with their perfect dance forms but also with way of living following principles and practices such as respect for elders and teachers. This team never ceases to amaze with their innovative concepts, colorful costumes and plethora of emotions thus beating the expectations of the audience by miles and set the bar very high. 'Flamenco' stole the show with 13 beautiful girls dance to challenging moves all within a single skirt. Other notable numbers included 'Apsara aii','Ram Leela' and others.

The event ended with wonderfully orchestrated fireworks as with Diwali tradition entertaining the packed amphitheater audience. One couldn't resist the feeling of wishing the evening did not come to an end and wanting more. Good things don't last long – we are all left with sweet memories and after taste of Cary Diwali. Aren't we all already eagerly waiting for the next episode of this signature event wondering what surprises in store!

Photos provided by Nirav Shukla