Global Textile Trade Fair 2022

The Global Textile Trade Fair, a textile and garment show will take place from June 9-11, 2022 at the Gas South Convention Center, Atlanta, GA. Global Textile Trade Fair was launched for Textile stakeholders of India and the USA to cater the business possibilities, networking, joint ventures, knowledge sharing, and technology transfers, to take the textile trade and commerce between India & USA to the next level. GTTF 2022 will be the platform to strengthen the textile trade relations between both countries.

The United States accounted for 35 percent of India’s textile exports in the year 2020. Apparel and home textiles together accounted for more than 90 percent of the total textile and clothing exports with share of 52.7 and 40.8 percent respectively.

Gujarat is considered as the textile hub of India. The state is producing nearly 30 percent of cotton and 56 percent Denim of the country’s total production. Besides, the state is having a lion’s share of 38 percent in the manufacturing of manmade filament fabric and 30 percent in woven fabric. After an increase in purchases by domestic buyers, the textile industry in Gujarat is now witnessing encouraging export demand from Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Exhibitors will feature fabrics, apparel and ready to wear, khadi, silk, wool, handicrafts and handloom along with home textile products.

The Fair will also feature textile importers from the countries, US government dignitaries, Indian embassy (trade department, commerce department), hoteliers, apparel brands and labels retail store owners and well-known fashion designers as well as Indian community leaders.

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