Jain Center of Greater Charlotte (JCGC)

Serves the spiritual, social, and cultural needs of the community.

Serving the spiritual and community needs of Jain families while understanding and preserving the Jain faith. Members meet for worship, ceremonies, and festivals. Organizes religious activities year-round - including celebrating religious festivals such as Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, and Diwali, and programs like Swadhyay, Pujas and children's Pathshaala.
Upcoming Events:
Sun, March 22: Paathshala for Children, 10:30am
Mon, March 23: (Phagan Vad Chaudas): Ashta Prakari Puja, 9:30am
Wed, March 25: (Chaitra Sud Ekam): Snatra Puja, 9:30am

Regular events:
Weekdays: 9:30am - Prakshal & Puja; 7:30pm - Aarti & Mangal Divo
Weekends: 10:30am - Prakshal & Puja 7:30pm - Aarti & Mangal Divo

For Further Details:
JCGC President: Saumya Kothari: 858.382.351
7631 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte, NC

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