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Austin Village Eyecare - Matthews, NC (Eyecare)

Full-service eyecare office in Matthews, NC

Keshav Bhat, O.D. MS
1013 Chestnut Lane, Suite 210
Matthews NC, 28104
phone: 704.821.5009

Austin Village Eyecare in Matthews, NC offers a variety of optometry services in a welcoming modern environment. Dr. Bhat will attentively listen to your needs and provide you with customized solutions for your eye health and vision care.

Eye services include:

• Vision & Eye health evaluations
• Diagnosis & treatment of diseases
• Corneal refractive therapy
• Cataract & laser surgery (LASIK) consultations
• Learning related vision testing for all ages

• Two-year frame & lens warranty
• Designer eyewear & premium sunwear gallery
• No obligation contact lens trials