Connected Cars: The Smart Semiconductor Deal - Counting the Cost

The largest deal in the history of the semiconductor industry has been made. Semiconductors have a big impact on society and our daily lives, and US-based Qualcomm is buying up NXP - the Dutch global semiconductor giant - in a $47bn deal.

With NXP's heavy involvement in the car industry, it appears that Qualcomm may also have plans to pursue a future in the field.

The 'smart car' industry is seeing a diverse array of movement, with Apple allegedly scrapping Project Titan, i.e. the Apple car.

All the while, Lynk and Co, part of the Volvo group, and developers of the 'permanently connected car' is in the thick of launching and promoting its brand.

Al Jeezara speaks with David Green, chief digital officer at Lynk and Co, about the evolving nature of the automotive industry and the future of connected cars.