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Isha Rally for Rivers Concert by Sandeep Narayan - Oct 15 (Charlotte)
Sunday, Oct 15, 2017

Isha Foundation will present a Classical Carnatic Music Concert by Sandeep Narayan in support of Rally for Rivers, an endeavour to revive the dying rivers of India. The concert will be at the CPCC Halton Theater in Charlotte on Sunday, October 15 beginning at 4:30pm. India’s rivers are facing a grave crisis. In just one generation, the perennial rivers are turning seasonal. Many smaller rivers have already vanished. Almost every major river has become a point of conflict between states. An expert committee of environmental scientists and lawmakers are in the process of drawing up a comprehensive policy document. The draft policy suggests a very simple yet effective means to replenish India’s rivers - to create a kilometer-wide tree cover on riversides (and half a kilometer for tributaries). Forest trees can be planted on government land, and tree-based agriculture on farm land. This will ensure our rivers are fed throughout the year by the moist soil, and will also reduce floods, drought and soil loss. Narayan will be accompanied by veteran artists from India - H.N. Bhaskar on violin, Neyveli Narayanan on mrudangam (South Indian two-sided drum), and N. Guruprasad on the ghatam (clay pot drum). For more details contact or visit

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